Music recorded by Karen

  Helen's Farewell / Dhomhnuill a Dhomhnuill by Karen Marshalsay from the Harp House CD, I wrote the first tune when Helen Bullen retired from the RSAMD, the second I found in Frances Tolmie's collection and arranged for harp.

Cuttie's Wedding / Glenlivet by Karen Marshalsay  my arrangement of a  traditional strathspey and reel, recorded as part of the LTS Traditional Music Teachers' Resource. to let school teachers hear what's appropriate.

  The Eagle's Whistle by Karen Marshalsay, an Irish clan march.

You can also still listen to some of my other work on

Culross - a piece for string orchestra and woodwind, based on the tune from the 1635 Scottish Psalter. Recorded as part of a Distil workshop.

Journeying extract  from my 1999 New Voices commission featuring gut, bray, wire and Paraguayan harps with 2 percussionists. Live recording.