Karen Marshalsay plays these harps:

karen marshalsay and jack yule raven clarsachGut-strung Raven clarsach made by Jack Yule in Silverburn, near Penicuik. This was the first of Jack's lightly-strung harps, and was designed specifically for traditional music. Jack now lives in Colorado, where he is building his own house.

karen with urquhart bray harp photo by eilidh steel


Ardival's Urquhart bray harp, a full-size 'Gothic' harp, typical of those used in the 16th and 17th centuries. It has 29 gut strings with a deep, rich sound and the distinctive buzz that makes bray harps so special.

Ardival are based in Strathpeffer. Photo taken by Eilidh Steel at Craiglockhart Parish Church gig.











Ardival also made my Rose, a 26 string wire clarsach, including the silver bass string. It thoroughly enjoyed getting its own seat on the plane to Germany en route to the festival in Hofheim!

rose with its own seat!







karen with 19 string kilcoy harp at ardival harps


The latest addition to the family is this sweet little 19 string wire-strung clarsach, a Kilcoy by Ardival. Pictured here when I picked it up from the makers. 






And last but not least, my two other little 19 string harps, both made by Tim Hobrough, one strung with gut and the other with wire. Great for fitting into overhead lockers on a plane, ideal for teaching and demonstrating and with a deceptively large sound for small harps, the wire one came with me when I spent a year travelling round the world.

Right: the 19 string gut harp by Tim Hobrough in a Paragon workshop performance.

Left: The 19 string wire harp by Tim Hobrough gets its moment in the sun.




All the harps getting unpacked ready for a solo gig!







I also play a Paraguayan harp - picture coming soon!




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